From Jefferson to Burlington, and Washington to Clay, Co-Alliance Cooperative has proudly served the rural townships of Carroll County for nearly one hundred years. Our cooperative business, originally formed so local farmers could better secure supply and improved pricing for farm inputs, was built on the cooperative spirit which encouraged working together to achieve a common goal.
Co-Alliance has never forgotten that cooperative spirit. In fact, it’s the very fabric of our business today. Our cooperative is unique from many businesses, because we are owned by approximately 10,000 farmers who have made their homes in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. Together they collaborate for our success by utilizing Co-Alliance’s services, sourced products and expert employees. Continued investment in our farmer-owned cooperative ensures the longevity of such a system that welcomes and serves so many.
The first half of the 20th century saw the development and early success of local farmer-owned county cooperatives in our trade area. By 1960, there was a co-op in nearly every county in Indiana, including Carroll County, working to serve farmers.
Co-Alliance is comprised of dozens of what used to be county co-ops, including Carroll County Co-op. Over the decades, as farms consolidated and grew larger, so did cooperatives. Carroll County Co-op merged into Excel Co-op, and presently Co-Alliance is the result of the merger of six cooperatives, including Excel Co-op. Today, Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc. has total sales of nearly $1.5 billion. We are now one of the largest, most successful agribusiness and energy marketing and supply cooperatives in the Midwest.
From the youngest child to our most senior neighbor, Co-Alliance seeks to make a positive impact on every member of the Carrol County communities we serve. We’re a service-oriented company owned and operated by people who live in this community, and we have a vested interest in supporting those we serve.

Being active in the communities and giving back is part of our mission. We donate time, money and use of our facilities to numerous local organizations. Our three pillars of giving include food security, agriculture education and leadership and farm and energy safety.

Over the years, we’ve returned millions of dollars to our communities in patronage, equity and support for programs. We’re proud of our cooperative roots, and the spirit of the cooperative continues to assist in the success of farmers and communities of Carroll County, Indiana. 

March 02, 2024

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