Bordner Enterprises

Dave Bordner graduated from Purdue University in 1990 with a degree in Agricultural
Economics with the goal of someday owning his own business. He married Wendy VonHolten in
August of 1995 and built a house and barn where Bordner Enterprises now stands. In 1997,
Dave started working on heavy duty trucks in the evenings and on the weekends while still
maintaining a full-time job.
Bordner Enterprises became a full-time business on February 8, 2000. In 2004, the shop
was expanded, adding an alignment pit and machine to expand its customer base. On
November 17, 2007 Bordner Enterprises burnt to the ground. At the time understanding why
that happened was difficult, however over the past 13 years it has become clear that the fire
allowed the business to grow. Bordner Enterprises had outgrown the shop and although it was
hard, the fire allowed Dave and Wendy to expand their business to serve more customers.
In 2012, Dave decided to take a step to expand the business more, by purchasing two
heavy duty wreckers from Johnson Wrecker Service in Brookston, IN. Out of this Bordner’s
Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery was born. One of Dave’s favorite parts of his business has
been the wreckers. He is passionate about rising and meeting the challenge that each call
presents. He truly enjoys the people he meets on these calls and helping those in need.
Bordner Enterprises is a family business. Dave and Wendy make a good team when it
comes to finances, working diligently to keep things running smoothly. Their daughters,
Savannah and Sydney serve as free labor whenever the shop needs cleaned or there is a large
wrecker call.
Bob Gibson has been employed at Bordner Enterprises since 2005. Bob has played a
vital role in the success of the business. His love for mechanics and the wreckers has ensured
the quality of work done never wavers.
Layne Huffman has been working part-time at Bordner’s since Summer of 2019 and has
helped out tremendously.
Dave would have never guessed this is the business he would’ve started. However, over
the past 20 years, Bordner Enterprises has become an important part of this community,
growing from one customer to serving customers in eight counties. Serving this community has
been nothing short of a blessing and has been our absolute pleasure.

March 03, 2020

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