2019 Neil Mylet

Neil Mylet graduated from Purdue University with a major in agricultural economics.
While at Purdue, he met many wonderful people from all over the world who shared
his passion for agriculture and was afforded unique opportunities such as assisting
head football coach Joe Tiller and learning about entrepreneurship from voicemail
inventor Scott Jones.
The day after graduating from Purdue, Neil returned to work on the farm. He has been
very fortunate to work alongside his family members and staff who constantly
challenge him and make him a better person. Family is the most important thing to
Neil, which is why you’ll often find him eating lunch or dinner with his 97 year old
grandma Elizabeth in Camden, Flora, or Delphi. Neil and his family attend the Delphi
United Methodist Church.
One of the recent highlights on the farm occurred a few summers ago when Neil and
his family hosted the Purdue Farm Management Tour. In 2017, Neil served as a
mentor for the Mandela-Washington Fellowship where he worked with farmers from
Nigeria and Madagascar on the strategy for how they could improve farms in Africa.
Over the last few years, Neil has welcomed more than 250 international citizens and
leaders to the farm in Camden. The highlight of these visits always centers on fresh
Sycamore ice cream as the guests share candid stories about daily life in their
respective countries and cultures.
In his spare time, Neil is also an avid inventor and entrepreneur. He has been awarded
7 global patents which include subject matter pertaining to “Loading Grain with a
Smartphone” to other topics such as “A Social Network for Industrial Process Control”
which enables algorithms to fuse data from machines with the way people do their
jobs – thus creating a safer connection between machines and humans. When not
working on his own projects, Neil spends time advising startups all over the world and
even helps international brands launch their products across the US market.
Besides pursuing his own personal projects and ventures, Neil has been very fortunate
to take part in a variety of other special activities that have allowed him to make direct
impact on education, trade and international relations. He is the youngest person in
Indiana history to have attended a trade mission to China where he and the other
delegates held talks relating to US/China agricultural trade. Neil has also been
fortunate to serve as a “Senior Adviser” to the leadership of Afghanistan’s government
for the construction of a 18,000,000 bushel wheat storage project that will result in
creating greater market access and food security for Afghan farmers. Neil is a frequent
speaker at high schools and colleges across the country and enjoys sharing some of his
experiences in hopes that more young people will choose careers in agriculture.

March 11, 2019

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