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On August 14, 1935, the first official meeting of the Carroll County Rural Electrification Committee was held in the Commissioners Room in the Delphi Courthouse. 21 people signed the Articles of Incorporation of the Carroll County Rural Electric Membership Corporation.

On February 7, 1936, a membership campaign was started with a meeting held in Camden with about 120 people attending. 110 Solicitors were selected to go house to house and see if homeowners were willing to pay a $5 membership fee and $2.50 per month for electricity. By February 27th, 500 membership applications were collected. Little did those involved realize that it would be two long years of hard work before any lines would be energized.

Over this period of time there was no money to repay the associations for the service they had provided. This was just one example of the many ways in which people in Carroll County helped each other in times of need.

The first pole was set at 8:35 A.M. on September 1, 1937, going north from Pittsburg on Range Line Road. 49 poles were set the first day by employees of Ulen Construction Company. During a brief ceremony for the setting of the first pole, someone suggested breaking a kerosene lamp on the pole, but customers were still using them.

After construction started, many people who had been doubters and some who had been working against the project suddenly realized that they were about to be left in the dark. Several applied for membership as the lines were built along their road. Since they had not been members when the lines were designed, there were no provisions for transformers and service lines for them. This delayed the project while the engineering department changed specifications, and the contractors installed extra wire and transformers. This meant that other members would have to wait longer for service, and some might even be left out if too much money was used for new customers.

On December 24, 1937, about 60 miles of lines were energized, bringing electricity to the homes of about 100 members. By the end of May, 1938 there were 907 members receiving electrical service and an average of one member being added each day.

In 1998, a national cooperative partnership was formed between Carroll County REMC and Touchstone Energy. This nationwide alliance of electric cooperatives is an identity that has been developed to help promote our local cooperative and other cooperatives throughout the United States under one nationally recognized brand.

On January 1, 2012 Carroll County REMC consolidated with White County REMC to form Carroll White REMC. Carroll White REMC serves approximately 16,000 consumers/members in nine counties and has 2,225 miles of energized lines.

March 06, 2012

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