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Kenneth Pyle

Kenneth Pyle was born in 1925 near Marshall, the middle son of Clarence and Gladys Pyle. He grew up on a dairy farm and was active in the Parke County 4- H program.

After graduating from Purdue in agricultural engineering, he began his career with the Soil Conservation Service at Rochester in 1949. Pyle initiated conservation technical assistance programs in Carroll County in 1950, in Hamilton County in 1968 and in Marion County in 1969. Emphasis in Carroll County included helping landowners and land-users to “put every acre to its best use and treat every acre according to its need.” Walking the farm with the farmer was a frequent and enjoyable activity for the inductee. With Carroll County being located close to Purdue, he had an opportunity to train students as summer trainees and later as soil conservation and engineering professionals. He also assisted in early stages of the Bachelor Run Watershed Program.

Pyle is active in the Delphi Methodist Church, serving in several capacities. He is a member of the Delphi Lions Club. While active in Rural Youth, he met and married Julie Smith. Together they assisted Rural Youth Chorus on a trip to Seattle to perform at the National Farm Bureau Convention, and a year later at their convention at Chicago. His work in Hamilton and Marion counties started when urban areas recognized the need for better use and treatment of their soils. He served as a coordinator for the Eight County Central Indiana Association of the Soil and Water Conservation Districts. In 1975, Pyle was administrator of technical conservation efforts within Northeastern Indiana.

Retiring in 1980, he and his wife formed Land Inc. Their company works with state and local health departments, homeowners, builders, developers and farmers. Pyle has continued his church activities with emphasis on evangelism. A fifty-year member of the Lions, he recently received the Melvin Jones award.

He and his wife have four children: Kenneth, a general surgeon; Larry, an architect; Linda, a recovery room nurse; and Diane, a family counselor. The family enjoys weekly trips to their family lodge at the east edge of Delphi.

February 11, 2010

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