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Leo Bowman

Leo Bowman was born on February 15, 1920. He attended and graduated from Carrollton High School in 1938. During the fall of 1938, Leo enrolled at Purdue University. Leo was one semester short of graduating college when Uncle Sam though he needed him more than Purdue did. He served nearly 5 years as a non- commissioned officer training men for combat. His last year of service was spent as a commissioned officer with the last 6 months being spent in Manila, Philippines.

Leo married Mary M. Fouts on April 25, 1943. After returning from the service, Leo returned to Purdue and graduated with a BS degree in Agriculture Education. Leo was a member of Ceres- an agricultural honorary organization.

Leo returned home to farm with his father-in-law, Taylor Fouts, and he also taught veterans agriculture at the Flora High School and then at Camden High School.

Leo has been active in several organizations over the years. He was president of the local P.T.A. He is a member of the Deer Creek Presbyterian Church where he served two terms as a Deacon and an Elder. Leo has been a member of the Carroll County Farm Bureau since 1946 and he served as its president for approximately 10 years. Leo served as a member of the Carroll County Tax Adjustment Board for several years.

Leo has served as Township Trustee and was a member of the Carroll Consolidated School Board where he also served as president.

Soybeans have always been grown on their farm, Soyland Farms, and the 1st American Soybean Association was formed there, with Taylor Fouts serving as the 1st president.

Leo and his son-in-law, Jerry Hendress, were farming approximately 1100 acres of corn and soybeans and marketing between 1500 and 2000 hog per year when he retired.

Leo and his family are very strong Purdue people. Leo, Mary, their son Darrell, and their daughter Mara, are all Purdue graduates. Jerry and Mara’s children; Jason, is a recent Purdue graduate, and Lindsey is presently a student at Purdue.

Leo and Mary have been spending about 5 months a year wintering in southern Florida for the past 18 years.

February 11, 2010

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