CCAA Ag Handbook

Carroll County Agriculture Association Handbook (2018 Edition)

Originally Published in 2007, and now being republished in 2018, the information that appears below is some of the most current information available regarding local, state, and national agricultural trends.

The Carroll County Agriculture Association has created a Handbook of resource materials for public officials and citizens.  This Handbook contains informative statistics regarding Carroll County’s agriculture industry as well as information about the agriculture industry statewide from Purdue University, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), and other expert sources.  The Handbook has been posted online, below, by each article.

You will need an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader in order to view the files posted below. Click HERE to acquire a free download of the most up-to-date version of Adobe Reader.

Carroll County Ag Stats

Below is posted updated information about Carroll County and Indiana Agriculture

Livestock Agriculture’s Financial Benefit

Selection of Information Regarding CFOs/CAFOs:

  1. Carroll County CAFO Report – Purdue University (note:  Contains out-of-date data)
  2. Indiana Confined Feeding Program – IDEM
  3. Debunking Livestock Barn Myths
  5. The Value of #2 (How Farmers Use Manure)
  6. Animal Agriculture and the Community
  7. IDEM_Enforcements_by_Species
  8. 37_Factors_that_could_Affect_CFO_Siting
  9. Purdue Overview – Carroll County Zoning 2018
  10. CarrollPropertyTaxTables2017
  11. Economics of Indiana Animal Agriculture ISA Livestock Report 2017
  12. Agriculture Terms for Non-Agriculture Folks

General Reports on Agriculture:

  1. 2017 Indiana Agricultural Statistics IN1617Bulletin (note:  Large PDF File = 11MB)

General Indiana Tax Data:  2017-property-tax-report-final All Counties (note:  Large PDF File = 12 MB)

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