Carroll County Agriculture Association is a non-profit §501(c)(5) corporation that represents Carroll County agriculture as a unified group, including all persons involved in agriculture production and agribusiness.

§501(c)(5) is the IRS exemption classification for agriculture associations.

2023 Board Members:

  • Shawn Meek – President (Corn)
  • Kevin Giddens – Vice President (Agribusiness)
  • Kyle Wagner – Secretary (Corn)
  • Braden Abbott – Treasurer (At Large)
  • Lauren Bush (Swine)
  • Scott Butcher (At Large)
  • Garrett Johnson (Soybeans)
  • Justin Moffitt (Agribusiness)
  • Kendell Ross (Swine)
  • Tim Scagnoli (Agribusiness)
  • Adam Shanks (Soybeans)
  • Natalie Weaver (Beef)
  • ~ (Carroll FFA President) Student Member, non-voting board member
  • ~ (Delphi FFA President) Student Member, non-voting board member
  • (Vacant)  Carroll County Extension Educator, non-voting board member

The mission of Carroll County Agriculture (CCAA) is to promote agriculture through best management practices and to enhance and sustain the Carroll County Community.

The CCAA  goals are to promote Carroll County agriculture and develop a better understanding about modern agriculture in the community. Members are encouraged to receive education, certification, and implementation of best production practices that improve the environment and well-being of the community.

Interested in becoming a member?

CCAA Mailing Address: PO Box 62, Flora, IN  46929 ~ email: info@carrollcountyag.com

July 06, 2008

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