Donations for Healthcare Workers

Carroll County Ag Association has organized drop off points for donations of supplies to medical workers. Donated items needed include:

  • Respiratory masks, including industrial N95 and N99 masks in unopened boxes
  • Facial and eye protection
  • Hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol content
  • General personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves and observation gowns
  • Disinfectants

Drop off your donations at the following locations inside the front doors during normal business hours ONLY (the bank lobbies are CLOSED to the public at this time but you can access the front door for the purpose of drop off):

  • Security Federal Savings Bank in Delphi
  • True Value Hardware in Delphi
  • First Farmers Bank & Trust in Flora
  • Fisher & Associates in Flora

Look for signs are posted in the drop off locations

If you would like to make fabric masks you can download these directions (from Community North Hospital in Indianapolis). Place them in sealed plastic bags (zip-close style) for drop off.

Contact Miriam via the Ag Association email address if you have any questions.

March 25, 2020 03:16 pm | News and Resources

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