School is Starting – Time to Cut Corners!

Normally, “cutting corners” is not a good thing – you think of shoddy workmanship, inferior parts, and a rush to complete a project.  In this case, Cutting Corners is a “Good Thing” for school safety.  Cutting back corn corners helps with visibility for buses and other travelers.

The Carroll County Sheriff encourages farmers to cut corners.  “As a person that has worked hundreds of traffic crashes I have worked some where the drivers view has been obstructed by something. I have also seen where farmers are getting crops so close to the roadway that they may actually be planting a row or two on county right of way. I have seen intersections were you have to get the front end of your car in the intersection to see if traffic is approaching. This is a recipe for disaster.  As citizens of Carroll County we all have a responsibility to make our travels on the roadways as safe as possible. If there is an intersection with a view obstruction that can be made safer by cutting back crops or vegetation, then we are obligated to our fellow citizens to take the corrective actions.”

Look at the “before” and “after” pictures, below, to see the difference made when the corn is cut back from the corners.  Even on a bus, where the driver has higher clearance, it make a substantial difference in visibility – both to the bus driver and to oncoming traffic.

August 07, 2015 04:23 am | Education and News

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