Your Comments Needed – EPA Rule on Waters of the United States (WOTUS)

epa-logo_edited-1Your help is needed – only THREE DAYS LEFT to let your voice be heard.

NPPC and state organizations need you to submit comments to EPA regarding the proposed WOTUS Rule.  Below is the link to the website that will allow you to easily submit your comments.  Although the website indicates your message is going to Congress, it is actually going to EPA.

Comments are due November 14, 2014. You can also customize the message or submit the text that is provided.

This potential rule would allow the EPA to classify ditches, intermittent streams (that flow only during rain events), and seasonally wet fields as “waters of the United States.”  Not only will this open the door to unwarranted (and unwanted) interference in your farming operation, but it might focus activist attention on farming operations that have “drainage features.”

This link will take you to a pre-written letter (which you can edit) to be submitted to the EPA.  Please take a moment to look into this and determine whether this is something that will unfairly restrict or affect your farming operations.

Protect Farmers from Undue Regulation

For more information about this proposed rule:

American Farm Bureau Website – Ditch the Rule.  This website contains detailed information about the rule and its adverse affect on farmers.

November 11, 2014 09:41 am | Education and Issues and Resources

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