2015 Indiana Ag Outlook Webinar, Friday, September 12th @ 8:30 a.m.

agriculture economyThe 2015 Indiana Agricultural Outlook is a free webinar hosted by Purdue’s Center for Commercial Agriculture on Friday, September 12th. Purdue Ag. Economists Corinne Alexander and Jim Mintert will lead the webinar, discussing the outlook for field crops and livestock. Importantly, this webinar will include information from the USDA’s September Crop Production and World Agricultural Supply & Demand reports, released just one day earlier. The webinar will offer analysis and marketing strategies for producers heading into the 2014 harvest and look ahead at prospects for 2015.

Please join us on Friday, September 12, at 8:30 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time, for the webinar.

To view the webinar, simply click here.

This webinar will be provided as a live stream (instead of Adobe Connect). As a result, questions during the webinar for Corinne Alexander and me should be sent via text message.

To pose a question during the webinar, simply send a text message to (765) 560-4177, with the following text at the beginning of your message “M5640”, followed by a space.

We will be using Purdue’s Hotseat application to receive and monitor text messages during the webinar. You can also download the Hotseat application for your Apple or Android device via their respective app stores and use the app to submit questions and view questions posed by others. If you choose to use the app, we have created a public space entitled, Center for Commercial Agriculture, with Commodity Outlook Webinar, 9.12.14, as a topic in that space. To find the webinar, simply click on the Public Space button within the app and scroll down until you find the Center for Commercial Agriculture (spaces are listed alphabetically).

September 11, 2014 08:10 am | Education and News

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