Help for Texas – Hay Relief

Dear Hoosier Ag Community,

Hoosier generosity is a mainstay of our Indiana culture. We are known for our willingness to give a “Hand out and Hand Up” to our neighbors in need. Today,we are offering you an opportunity to help a fellow neighbor. As you are well aware Texas has experienced a sever, historic drought leaving them in devastating conditions. Through a very generous offer from the Indiana Motor Truck Association, the Hoosier ag community has an opportunity send  Indiana Hay to our Texas friends. 

If you are willing and able to donate a few hay bales (25-50), a round bale or two, whatever the quantity  to send south, the members of the Indiana Motor Truck Association (IMTA) will  transport it to Texas.  We certainly understand the conditions in Indiana this summer have left our stocks in short supply as well.   But,  perhaps you have a small amount to share. If several people can spare a small amount, we can still accumulate a sizeable ‘Hay Wagon’ to send south.

Can you help?  If so, please contact David Eaton, 248-761-1515 (mobile), to let him know how much you can donate and where you are located. We will need to determine a convenient  staging location for you to deliver the hay to be loaded.

Your response is needed quickly. The IMTA is coordinating this delivery in conjunction with their attendance at the annual American Motor Truck Association meeting in Texas.  The trucks will need to depart Indiana by October 12. If you can support this effort, please let us know not later than October 7th so that we can schedule loading.

Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your consideration and please know that we understand if you are not able to help.

David Eaton, IMTA board member
Shorty Whittington, IMTA board member

October 05, 2011 09:27 pm | Issues and Resources

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