Carroll County Ag Disaster Response

Babar Hog Barns Destroyed (click image to view larger version)

Babar Hog Barns Destroyed (click to view image in large format)

On June 6, 2010, a tornado ripped through Carroll County, causing substantial devastation across the northern part of the county.  Not surprisingly, the Carroll County Ag Community responded in force.

An example of the tremendous support and response from the Agriculture Community was experienced at the Babar farm, where three hog barns were destroyed.  Starting at 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning, crews arrived to help move debris and stabilize the site to protect the animals, and to gain access to feed and water the animals by hand.  Crews worked through Sunday to ready the site to receive transport semis on Monday.

Monday found 60-70 people on-site to load 23 semi trucks with livestock.  Due to the diligence and quick response, only one animal perished, and

Site clean up on Sunday for access to animals (click to view  larger image)

Equipment moving debris to get to hogs to feed and water

the rest of the animals were safely relocated.

Another 30-40 people arrived on Tuesday to clear debris from the fields, bringing tractors, wagons and 4-wheelers to haul debris off-site.  By Tuesday evening, most of the fields were clear and site accessible.

Bill Babar and Mike Schroeder thank all the people that responded so quickly and worked so hard.  Also, they wish to recognize the following businesses that provided food and water for the work crews:

  • Subways – Noon meal and cold water on Sunday
  • Indiana Packers Corporation – Noon meal and cold water on Monday;
  • Salin Bank and Trust – cold water on Monday;
  • Anderson’s – Noon meal and cold water on Tuesday

    Debris scattered over 3 miles of fields (click to view larger image)

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