2009 Indiana EQIP Guidelines Available

The Indiana ’09 EQIP Guidelines came out last week (4/28/09). If interested, they can be found on the EQIP Program homepage at this URL:

You can also download the Indiana guidelines here:  in_2009_eqip_guidelines4-28-09

Several conservation practices have been added this year that might be of special interest to the livestock industry.  Numbers refer to NRCS “practice code” number for the item listed

New Practices (2009)

Anaerobic Digester (365 or 366) – for the digester vessel, cover, internal equipment, controls, gas piping and flare portions of the digester only.

Waste Treatment – biofilter (629) – to address existing air quality concerns associated with mechanically ventilated livestock buildings for bed type filters on pit fans only. Additional conservation practices for livestock operators:

Confined Livestock

  • Waste Storage Facility (313)
  • Sediment Basin (350) – Settling basin for ag waste could be used to address IDEM Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.
  • Waste Utilization (633) – offsets cost associated with hauling manure further from storage facility
  • Cover Crops (340) – tie up manure N from summer wheat, fall and early winter and after silage.
  • Animal Mortality Facility (316) – composting of dead animals.
  • Closure of Waste Impoundment (360)
  • Roof Runoff Structure (558) – divert clean water from edge of building or outdoor lots.
  • Composting Facility (317) – composting of manure and other ag by products.
  • Feed Management (592) – to address N & P content of manure, reduce feed and water wastage, reduce overall manure production.
  • Windbreak / Shelterbelt Establishment (380) – visual screen around livestock facility and could improve air quality.

Pastured Livestock

  • Access Control (472) – fence livestock out of environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Prescribed Grazing (528)
  • Pasture & Hay Planting (512)
  • Stream Crossing (578) – get livestock out of stream and provide stable crossing.
  • Watering Facility (614) Fence (382)

Air Quality

  • Waste Treatment – biofilter (629) (see above)
  • Feed Management (592) – develop plan to improve air quality.
  • Windbreak / Shelterbelt Establishment (380) – visual screen around livestock facility and could improve air quality.
  • Atmospheric Resource Quality Management (370) – package of no-till + nutrient mgmt / waste utilization + cover crops + buffers.

Water Quality (Hypoxia)

  • Nutrient Management (590) Basic and High – soil testing and precision applications.
  • Waste Utilization (633) – manage manure nutrients.
  • Cover Crops (340) – tie up N left over after harvest.
  • Residue & Tillage Management, No- Till (329)
  • Filter Strips (393) – zone of no nutrient application around sensitive areas.
  • Field Border (386) Riparian Forest Buffer (391)
  • Tree and Shrub Establishment Grassed Waterway (412)

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