Drainage Management Field Day Tuesday, Sept 2

Purdue University is sponsoring a Field Day on drainage water management at their research site in White County on Tuesday, Sept 2 from 2-4:30 pm. The Field Day will include talks on the impact of drainage water management systems on crop yields, water quality and soil quality. All are welcome to attend.

The address is 1268 N. 100 W in Reynolds. More information is at

Drainage Water Management Featured at Field Day

Drainage Water Management Day – PDF File

Participants will visit two research and demonstration farms, where they will see how a control structure works, how water level is measured, and how the satellite communication system keeps farmers in touch with drain levels. Talks include the following:

  • Leonard Binstock, executive director of Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition, will begin by explaining the motivation and rationale behind implementing the technology.
  • Next, row crop farmer Dirk Fleck will discuss the new system and how it compares with the old.
  • Eileen Kladivko, Purdue soil physicist, will discuss how this technology affects earthworm populations and soil quality, as well as the amount of water and nitrates flowing from the tile.
  • Purdue Extension agricultural economist Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer will discuss the effect drainage water management has on yields, presenting data collected with GPS-enabled yield monitors over a span of three years.
  • Costs associated with implementing and maintaining the practice will be presented by Binstock. Mike Cox, Natural Resources Conservation Service state conservation engineer, will discuss cost sharing and other assistance available from the NRCS. The field day will also include a short discussion about finding a qualified contractor to design, construct and install it

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